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04 August 2017 20:22

Is harder than I thought. No actually I didn't think it would be difficult, just like anything, that it would require time and dedication and perseverence, and maybe in the end not a lot of payoff. I did learn recently of the practice of pulping. The opposite of archiving and preservation. Climbing a tree backwards in time, is only interesting in terms of what history can teach. Is it who I am though? Is my name, the combination of paternal and maternal pedigree, is that who I am? Is it only who I am if I want it to be? Is that a choice? The notion of "Identity" and who we are, reminds me of that rhyme, "everywhere we go, people always ask us, who we are, and where we come from". That rhyme separates native origin from identity, interestingly. Was my Mothers mothers mothers mother a traveller? Does this mean I can claim "traveller" ethnicity?